About miss + meow

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! I'm Regina and miss + meow is a small business dedicated to creating beautiful stickers and stationery to help you plan, get your life together, and diarize memories.

I have been decorative planning since the spring of 2016 and some of you may know me by my previous moniker and shop Regina Laughs. I discovered planning via Youtube and quickly fell in love since I was an avid sticker collector as a child and have very fond memories (i.e. throwing a temper tantrum in Wal-Mart when my parents wouldn't let me get a Sandylion ultimate sticker box with over 10,000 stickers; picking out stickers from the classroom treasure box for being good; and there was a small sticker and stationery store that I visited frequently with my dad). Graphic design also became an interest and hobby of mine when I was 13 years old and created MySpace layouts and other resources to jazz up your profile page. Needless to say, I was destined to join the planning community and design stickers!

Another facet of my life that I've shared frequently on my IG page are cats! I adopted my two boys, Chandler and Blitzen, in January 2019 and they are truly the best cats ever. As a result, I quickly became a huge cat lover and I also volunteer with the cat organization that I adopted from, Ninth Life Cat Rescue, where I help out in the cat room of our local pet store and foster kittens. Be sure to follow my cat instagram if you are a fellow cat lover where I share my boys and the cats I foster @missandhermeows (haha, get it?!)

...and that is the story of how miss + meow came to be!