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miss + meow

Dog Supplies | Stickers for Chandler

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One of the meows of miss + meow, Chandler, was recently diagnosed with advanced stage 3 kidney disease which means his kidneys are failing and significantly affects his life expectancy. I am committed to managing his disease and getting him all the medical attention he requires as advised by his vet. All profits from the sales of Stickers for Chandler will go towards his existing and future medical bills which includes x-rays, urine and blood tests, medications, and prescription food. Chandler was adopted a couple of years into my planner journey and many of you have followed the stories and pictures I've shared and expressed your love for Chandler.

One sheet of stickers printed on transparent matte paper and designed to fit any planner. Each sticker sheet is approx. 3.5" x 2.5".

These pair perfectly with our illustrated icons or to add foiled accents to any sticker and planner!

All 3 - Light Gold, Silver, Rose Gold


The black details in the digital listing will be foiled on the physical product.

Due to the nature of the foiling, there may be slight flaws in the foil application.

Colours may vary across monitor to monitor and when printed.